Located just above Sava and Dunav river confluence, it offers you an exciting view to Belgrade city. Kalemegdan Fortress is the spot where Belgrade started to develop, involved in many battles, today it’s the city’s main landmark offering you a wide range of activities and walking tours.

Kalemegdan is located in the most beautiful park of Belgrade city and which name comes from the Turkish words kale-meaning city and megdan-meaning field.

The fortress history starts at the first millennium when it was built and made from white stones only and constructed on earth ramparts. Visitors used to call the fortress white city which is the name of Belgrade today when translating from Serbian language. At the Kalemegdan Fortress today you can see the fusion and impacts of many architectural times from white stones in the Byzantine times to red bricks which are showing the Austrian and Turkish impact.

Our Kalemegdan fortress is open for visitors 24/7 and inside there are a lot of facilities and museums to visit, such as: Military museum, Institute for monument protection of Belgrade, National observatory, Museum of natural arts, church Sveta Ruzica and even the Belgrade Zoo is in the fortress.

Situated on Kalemegdan Fortress the Pobednik monument tells the story of Belgrade and is located in the highest part of the fortress representing the victory symbol of the Serbian army.

The Kalemegdan history is 2000 years old and until today there are still some mysteries and stories untold. Some of the greatest mysteries are related to legend that says that below the fortress they built a tunnel that goes event to Gardos in Zemun district of Belgrade.
If you are a fan of mystery, the Tourist Organization of Belgrade organizes Belgrade underground tours where you will have the opportunity to get to know the strange history of Belgrade, that encouraged the curiosity of many experts in our history and culture.

Photo by Ivan Zupanc.