Located just 2 minutes on foot from the hotel, Saint Sava church is known by being one of the largest orthodox temples in the world. Interesting fact is that the temple can be seen from all city districts and points of Belgrade.

History says that Sinan Pasha in 1595 year wanted to destroy Serbians’ spirit and freedom by burning the remains of Serbian spiritual father Saint Sava on the land where today’s temple is located. Two centuries after this act, Serbs in order to regain the long-lost freedom decided to build the Saint Sava temple in 1895. Nevertheless, the construction of the temple started in 1935. With wars coming ahead the construction stopped and the temple was used for various purposes such as an accommodation for German soldiers, parking or shelter. Construction of the temple started again in 1985 when Patriarch German was head of Serbian Orthodox church and after 88 applications and a liturgy where 92.000 people have attended to support the temple, basis was constructed.

The temple’s construction was not an easy thing to project, having a dome 4000 tones heavy. 2000 scientists from all over the world came to Belgrade to project the lifting of this heavy dome to 40 meters high. Saint Sava temple has 82 meters in height which is the main reason why it can be seen from any part of the city. The exterior of the temple was finished in 2004 but the interior hasn’t been finished yet and since it has been financed by charities and funds coming from local people it will surely take a couple of years more.  Saint Sava temple as an impressive architectural piece represents the spiritual symbol of Belgrade.

Photo by Ivan Zupanc.