Saint Ten Hotel is located in Vračar district, we recommend you to take a walk in one of the city’s most urban and populated parts. In Vračar municipality you may find many cafes and restaurants with special cuisines and themes, located in some of the most expensive real estates in Belgrade.

There are a lot of stories about how each part of Belgrade has been named. As for Vračar, the legend says while Belgrade was under the Turks, fortune tellers pleased the crowds; Serbian word for these women is vračara. This is not the only story about how Vračar was named, it is also said that it was named after medicine men, healers – vrač in Serbian language; but whatever the story is, today Vračar is the place you will wish to come back to.

In Vračar you will find the biggest Orthodox temple in the Balkans. One of the historic events that took place on this land was during the war, when the Turks burned the remains of the first Serbian Archbishop, The Enlightener Saint Sava.

Vračar today

Centrally located yet away from the noisy and crowded parts of the city, Vračar is that place in the city that will allow you to feel safe and relaxed. Take a walk by the Saint Sava temple or go through the small Vračar streets and take a walk through Karađorđev park, drink your morning coffee in cute or modern cafes and your day will start in a different way. The energy and tranquility that Vračar district provides is the reason why everybody wants to live in this exclusive part of the city.

If you are a fan of modern buildings, in Vračar you will find a lot of new buildings which are incorporated to the traditional Vračar style. A lot of Belgrade boutique hotels are located in this district and SAINT TEN Hotel is the best model of it, which you can see in the impeccable incorporation of modern elements in a building from the beginning of 20th century.

For food fanatics, Vračar has a lot to offer. The best thematic restaurants in Belgrade are located here and they offer a wide range of piquancies and cuisines. As for the classic Serbian restaurants, called kafana where the most delicious traditional food is served, the legend says that the first kafana was opened in this district. Kafanas are known for being the most interesting sights for tourists, where they try Serbian food and meet local people. The secret is to the unforgettable night is live Serbian music, that provides great atmosphere.

In Vračar you will feel like home.

Photo by Ivan Zupanc.