Let’s celebrate women

It’s that time of year when we come together and celebrate wonderful creations that women are.

Month of March is an International Month of Women and we at SAINT TEN Hotel want to take this opportunity to honor the ladies.

On 8th of March we have planned special events that will take your breath away.

Come 17:00h leave your office, take your girlfriends and make an appearance in our magical Lobby & Bar for an authentic experience of Apéro, a French kind of affair, where you drink lavish sparkling wine and enjoy divine bites. Touch on all topics important and chat the afternoon away.

If you enjoy a more traditional style of surprising your beloved lady, we have thought of you, too. We have organized a one of a kind Ladies dinner and a special menu is tailored to satisfy all your senses. Enjoy the enchanting ambiance of our SANCTUS Restaurant and praise your special someone as they deserve it.

Do you want to go that extra mile and adore your lady to the fullest? Do not worry, we are offering a special package for Women’s Day 8th of March. Enjoy the unique dinner and afterwards unwind in our luxurious rooms that can have the setup of your liking. Choose a massage at special prices and enjoy the blissfulness of our Wellbeing Trinity area.

This month of March is Éclair Month in SAINT TEN Hotel and what better way to D’Éclair your love. Éclairs are traditional French sweet delights. The word éclair means lightning, and we call these heavenly treats just so because they are eaten in the flash of lightning. Take a sweet break from a busy day, end your lunch or dinner in a luscious way and add that zest to your morning or afternoon coffee. Choose your favorite flavor and give in into these fabulous pleasures.

Let us all unite and thank the beautiful ladies, our gentle rocks, who bring us joy and bliss so selflessly.