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Feel the authentic vibe of the city, as a local.


The French school, the realm of scents, memories, equipment from the 1930s … All this still “lives” in the heart of our capital and resists the onslaught of modernization and commercialization. Make your own Belgrade fragrance and take-home everlasting memories. By booking this offer, you would get two empty fragrance bottles upon the check in, which you will use during the tour for creating your own Belgrade fragrance. More details at

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Discover the sweetest secret of historical Dorcol neighborhood at one of a kind bean-to-bar chocolate shop, Valetina&Karanfil. They wanted that each guest finds something they enjoy – chocolate, wine, coffee or cocoa. It’s one of the most urban go-to places for locals, as the atmosphere is unlike any other chocolate shop you have visit. We prepared a special visit for you, including choco-tasting, storytelling on how Valentina&Karanfil came to life, and something to take home to enjoy.

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This experience lets you discover and shop original ladies wear, accessories, bags and shoes. These are unique pieces you can find only in Belgrade, with distinct personality, known origin and proven quality. We selected 7 concept stores and designer shops run by their founders, which are getting international acclaim. The walks between the spots are short and easy, across atmospheric streets and piazzettas that are loved by locals and little known to tourists. We spend 15 to 30 minutes at each shop. This is enough time as there will be no crowds or lines and each shop is easy to grasp and pick the favorites.

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Experience Belgrade through its finest lens – the visual arts. We take you to selected shows of established and emerging Serbian artists. We will hop among five to six galleries whose curatorial instincts and practices are shaping the local art scene and putting Serbian artists on maps of international audiences and collectors. You’ll mostly see the art that is produced right now, with occasional passages to 20th century. Your guide is an art historian whose insight is enriched through direct contact with artists.

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This experience is the answer to the question what and where to eat in Belgrade to go truly local. Together we’ll stroll the city’s most loved and vibrant farmers market Kalenić pijaca and its neighbourhood Vračar, a charming lesson in Belgrade’s famous taking it easy. At the farmers market you’ll discover seven unique tastes of Serbia: burek, ajvar, fresh cheese, kaymak, čvarci, ćevapi and a dessert. After the tasting, we’ll walk the surrounding streets, the gastro zone where the locals eat out and socialize.

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